Creating Relationships in the Digital Age

Sites want to cultivate new audiences and strengthen loyalty. Visitors have very clear expecttaions when it comes to technology - interactive multimedia, apps, location-based features, and more.

Acoustiguide's technology - software and hardware - meets the needs of both institutions and their visitors. We continually explore the possibilities technology delivers, allowing sites to exploit their assets, better understand their audiences, increase the volume and length of site visits, and buikd long-term, lasting relationships. Consumers get devices and apps delivering the ultimate visitor experience. Acoustiguide provides proprietary screen-based players and apps, as well as Smart management solutions for off-the-shelf devices.

To ensure consumer satisfaction, we're constantly adding more innovative features while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. We focus on the usability, reliability and durability of our hardware and software. Every device and app is designed and tested to ensure that each visitor gets the most from your venue, from user friendly, intuitive devices to special accomodations for physivcally challenged visitors.

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